10 Best Untold Uses for Coconut Oil

Everyone knows that coconut oil it one of the best alternatives to vegetable oil. With its countless health benefits from boasting your metabolism to improving your cholesterol, bone density, and immune system. Yet there are endless ways to use coconut oil besides cooking. Here are some of the best untold ways to use coconut oil.

10 Best Coconut Oil final


Make Up Remover:

The number one beauty rule that everyone seems to always forget is never sleep with makeup on. Even when you do remember you are always left with pieces of waterproof make up what just wont come off. That is until now. Coconut oil makes the best make up remover. Apply a small scoop of coconut oil on your face and massage evenly throughout. Let sit for 10 mins. Use a warm water cloth to remove. It will leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

Bath Time Body Moisturizer:

Next time you have a stressful day and feel like unwinding in a bubble bath ditch the bubbles and add some coconut oil instead. It wont make bubbles to hid your goodies but it will leave your body feeling smooth as a babies behind. You can also add some Epson salt to help relieve tense muscles.

Minimize Appearance of Wrinkles:

Studies have shown that applying coconut oil directly onto your face diminishes the appearance of wrinkles. The coconut oil helps produce collagen which helps smooth your face.  Try making your own face scrub or face lotion to give it a nice scent.

Sweetener Alternative:

Like a little sweetener in your coffee or tea? Try replacing it with coconut oil instead, it will sweeten it up your drink while giving it a nice flavor.


Have a squeaky door and no WD-40? Instead try a more natural source of lucubrate with coconut oil. Just apply a little coconut oil  to the rusty hinges and they will be as good as new. Works very well with guitar strings too. No lube during sexy time well coconut oil has been said to work wonders in the bedroom but make sure you don’t use it while your wearing a condom, the coconut oil can cause the condom to break.

Treats Leather:

Want to re-freshen a leather piece of furniture or a leather pair of shoes? Gently apply a dab of coconut oil on a piece of cloth and rub in a circular motion. Try a corner section first before committing to the entire furniture piece.

Shower Cleaner:

Have soap scrum that wont scrub off? Just put some coconut oil on your stubborn soap scum and let it set for 30 mins. Come back and spray it off with apple cider vinegar (another awesome product). Then you can just whip it off clean.

Fights and Prevents Colds:

Regular consumption of 3-4 tablespoons of coconut oil has shown to improve ones immune system which in returns give you a better chance of preventing a cold. If you already have a cold or just a sore throat adding coconut oil in replacement of honey or sugar in your hot tea will help sooth your throat. If you have trouble breathing while sleeping rub some coconut oil with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil to help clear air passages.

Treats Yeast Infection:

There are several ways to treat a yeast infection using coconut oil either in your diet or as an ointment. The easiest and more direct approach is through ointment. Start off by washing and drying the infected area (make sure its completely dry) once dried apply a thin layer of coconut oil. You must do this process 3  times a day until the infection is gone.

Chewing Gum Remover:

Coconut oil makes for an excellent chewing gum remover. All you have to do is rub coconut oil on the hard chewed up gum and let it set for 30 mins. Once its done setting all you have to do is just pull off the gum. 



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