Detangling Baby Hair

Detangling Baby Hair


“Wow, look at all that hair”  were the first words my doctor spoke when my baby girl was being born. Having a little girl with lots of hair is so much fun. Unfortunately, my little one was cursed with my thin hair which causes her hair to constantly get tangled.  Even though she has lots of hair I didn’t think I would have to deal with knots until she got a little bit older especially not a knot like she got this weekend.

 Here is a step by step on how I get rid of my daughters knots without any detangling spray and best of all without any tears.

First meet the Knot!

The Knot!!!

All you will need is a small baby comb and coconut oil

Coconut Oil Detangling Hair

And someone to keep your little one entertained

Keep baby happy

Oil sometimes drips on your babies clothing so I recommend changing your little one into something you don’t mind getting dirty or have her only in her diaper if your planning to give her a bath right after. You will also want to make sure you have everything on hand before starting. You don’t want to be running around looking for the comb while your baby is full of coconut oil


Once you have all your items in place start by generously applying coconut oil onto the knot.

Covered in Coconut Oil

Rub the coconut oil in the hair and let it really soak in.

Covered in Coconut Oil2

Remember to stop if your baby is getting fussy and get her happy again before you continue.

Start pulling the hair strands out of the knot slowly. You cant imagine how easy this will be with all that coconut oil.

unnamed (1)

In between pulling the strands out of the knot occasionally run your baby comb through the hair. Remember to do it gently and hold on to the roots of your babies hair while your passing the comb through it.

No more knot!

As you can see no more KNOT and you still have a happy baby!

I have also read that peanut butter is great substitute in getting knots out of hair.

Hope this helps you guys as much as it has helped me.


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