Frijoles & Frescas at Las Vegas


This past weekend we ended up at Las Vegas, you know how these things go, you get that inch to go drink and gamble all night and you just go wherever the wind takes you. But we actually just had a baby shower out there that’s why we went.  So as soon as I knew we were headed out to Vegas I knew we had to stop at Frijoles and Frescas Mexican restaurant. Not evening caring if the food at there was good or not I  knew I had to stop at there just to at least say I went. The reason why Frijoles and Frescas is so special is because the owner is the one and only Arthur Trejo, if you’re not familiar with Arthur Trejo he is an International Latin Sex Symbol. Not really. He is actually just this white guy that makes YouTube videos that lives in Vegas. His restaurants have been such a success that they just opened up their second branch. Go Arthur!


Frijoles, is not your mothers Mexican food and for once that’s a good thing!  I grew up in a house that there was always beans and a pack of lard in the fridge ready for any family meal. The food my mom would serve up was amazing but it would always leave me feeling a bit slugish. At Frijoles they are doing Mexican food right. I ordered the pork  burritos (al pastor) and my husband went a little nontraditional and order carne asada fries.  The meat was super tender and not greasy at all which is hard to find when eating Mexican. I wish we would have taken after pictures to see how we cleaned out our plates. I actually even ate the wrapping. Okay I didn’t but that’s just how much I want to express how delicious their food is. They have a variety of food and classic Mexican drinks to choose from. Aside from the food the next biggest thing that has to be on point at a Mexican restaurant is there salsa and they did not disappoint. Both red and green were delicious.  I would prefer more burn to them but that’s just me. If it doesn’t burn coming out it’s just not worth it right? Is that just me? Okay moving along….


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Frijoles has a unique decor. What makes it unique is that it’s actually nice. They took the time and made sure every small detail was covered. From the fixtures on the ceiling to the unique Spanish signs for the restrooms. The staff was courteous and inviting and everyone looked like they were actually happy to be there which is rare to find anywhere. The cashier taking our orders spoke fluent Spanish and English which is actually great to have at a Mexican restaurant to make customers feel more comfortable when ordering.


Ignore the screaming child. I know we do.


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Off topic, I want these ceilings for my kitchen


The moment I knew this place had won me over was when I was about to leave and noticed that they sold ICE CREAM!!!  I swear after I eat Mexican I always feel like having something sweet and with Vegas weather who doesn’t walk out of that place with an ice cream cone. As you can tell I am not a food blogger by any means but what I am is Mexican and I know Mexican food and Frijoles delivers just that. Oh I wonder if they deliver? If you can’t make the drive to Vegas to try the food at least make your way over to Arthur Trejo YouTube channel to check out his videos. He isn’t posting many new ones lately since the opening of his second restaurant but he’s videos are still worth checking out.


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Frijoles and Frescas

700 W Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89117

(702) 240-2750


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