My Baby Girls Baptism

My Baby Girls Baptism

I would like to share moments of my little ones baptism into the Catholic church. Even though my husband and I are no longer Catholics we still believe in God and want her to have a strong sense of faith in her life. When she becomes older we want her to be open minded and be able to choose the religion she want to belong to. The reason we chose to baptize her instead of a mere introduction was because of what it signified to her grandparents. It meant that if anything were to happen to her she would be safe in the arms of the Lord.


This was the day before her baptism. We took her to the park to take pictures and discovered that even though she loves being outside she does not like how grass feels.


Someone decided not to wake up until 10 that morning and refused to take her afternoon nap before the baptism. Which meant a very tired, sleepy, and cranky baby throughout her baptism. She may look calm while her daddy holds her but the water works started short after.


The light of the candle. Only way to get her to stop crying was to give her my cell phone. I told myself I would do that but she doesn’t even need to have it on she just likes to hold it.


These pictures are totally flipped. The lovely Olive being held by her fairy God Mothers before and after a 10 min nap! That’s right I said 10 mins. That’s all it took her to go from I hate everyone near me and all I want to do is cry to I’m loving life oh we’re  taking pictures should I smile like this or like this.


No cake for this party nothing but a sundae station.


The Family




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