Trip to the Doctors

One day she is happy about turning 6 months and the next day she wishes she was 5 months. As soon as I told her she needed to go in for her 6 months shots she kept trying to convince me that she was only 5 month old. I finally told her if she went to the doctors I would start feeding her real food instead of that oatmeal and formula she eats all day. So very bravely we went to the doctors and she was doing great until I laid her down on that fake white parched paper doctors put on their beds. She must have remembered last time being on that paper and not like what came next.  I quickly calmed her with her tickle me Elmo and we were ready to get her shots. Once everything was over she was a champ, she drank a bottle of milk and knocked out for the rest of the night. But once she woke up she had a lot to tell her dad. This is her the next morning telling her dad all about her trip to the doctors.



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