Crazy Sleeper

I thought I was so lucky to have a baby that sleeps through the night. But what I didn’t realize is that just because she sleeps through the night doesn’t mean I get to. Its true what they say about karma, you know, about how she is a bitch. When I was a child I was a little bit of a crazy sleeper…. OK! I was a  major crazy sleeper!   I would constantly talk in my sleep and walk in my sleep. Know one even wanted to sleep with me if  I had nightmares because they would wake up all tender from the beating that I  would give them. So I knew it was going to be a possibility that my baby girl would be a crazy sleeper, I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.

Every night she has her routine. Around 7:30 its bath time which is followed by her bedtime at 8:00. She will only fall asleep in “the dream maker”which is her old car seat that she barely fits in with music or her rain noise in the background. Once she is in the dream maker she has to have her pacy and her receiving blanket touching her cheek while she holds on to both sides of the chair with a kung fu grip.  Once asleep my husband will do “the transfer” onto the crib and as long as she has her blanket on her cheek she wont wake up until 6 am the next morning.

Here is where the fun starts, for the first few hours its nice and peaceful but after that all you hear is her lifting her tiny legs and BOOM! she lets them drop onto her mattress. Then she moves her head from side to side rapidly while she starts rambling about something. Sometimes shes crazier  then others but this isn’t why I lose sleep. The reason she freaks me out is because of her dang blanket.  She has to have it to sleep but she doesn’t like blankets on her so this is how she ends up.



unnamed (1)

Seeing this gives me a mini heart attack every time! It doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s the worse feeling in the world. What I’m planning to do is swapping her blanket in the middle of the night with a small wash cloth. So at least she can feel something on her check but can’t really cover her face with it. I’m hoping she gets over this soon.



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