Helpful Tips for Relieving Morning Sickness


Helpful Tips For Relieving Morning Sickness


This weekend was full of unsuspecting surprises. But none was more surprising than the announcement of a new addition to our family! We were so thrilled to find out that our sister-in-law is expecting another baby. Nothing brings more joy and happiness into a house hold than a baby, unless you win the lottery than I think that brings more happiness then a baby, but I digress.

Oh pregnancy… The only time you cant drink any alcohol yet you feel hung over all the time.  Up to 90% of pregnant women experience morning sickness during their first trimester. While a smaller amount of  women will actually experience morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy.  Even though doctors have not found the exact cause for morning sickness (they only have a bunch of theories) there are several ways to help alleviate morning all day long sickness.

So in honor of our new little addition and the new mommy I have written up these helpful tips for relieving “Morning All day Sickness”

1. Hydrate:

It can be a challenge to maintain proper hydration during pregnancy. All of the physical and hormonal changes can speed up the loss of fluids, making it much easier to become dehydrated. Make sure to drink at least 8-10 glass of water per day. Avoid drinking any water with your meals as it can cause nausea. If drinking water is difficult for you try water based ice pops instead and make sure to eat lots of water based fruits and veggies.  You can also try to put fruits in you water bottle to give a sweater natural flavor.


Savvy Infusion Water Bottle

2. Eat Small Meals & Snacking:

Eating 5-6 times a day can help ease morning sickness. Big meals can cause heart burn and upset stomach. Even if you’re not hungry it is important that you at a least snack, this will help control your stomach acids. Try and eat cold sandwiches and raw vegetables and fruits. Nothing with strong odors. If your on the go make sure to pack snack such as pretzels, salted crackers,  salt & vinegar chips or even string cheese.


3. Lemon & Peppermint :

Lemons have been helping pregnant women for years. Unfortunately when I was pregnant lemons made me more sick but that’s not the case for most women. Just smelling lemons can help ease nausea. When you feel as if your going to get sick try to suck on a lemon or simply start smelling it. There is an anesthetic component in lemon that helps calm your stomach. The same is effect can be achieved with peppermint. Carry a peppermint essential oil and sniff it the next time you feel a little queasy. And don’t forget to keep lemon and peppermint flavored hard candy in your purse at all times.


4. Ginger:

Drinking ginger tea can help calm your stomach. Just slice up ginger root and put in some hot water to boil  to make a ginger hot tea. Avoid the flavored ginger tea bags. If you’re having a summer baby the last thing you want is hot tea instead drink a cold ginger ale. Carry some ginger snaps with you too.

Tea with ginger lemon and honey


5. Adjust your Surroundings:

This tip might seem like a no brainer but still a good reminder. Look at your surrounds and take notes and see if anything is are making you sick. When I was pregnant my co- workers perfume made me so nauseous that I had to ask her “nicely” if she can stop wearing it. It can be as simple as change can make all the difference. For me it was perfume for other it could changing the  light settings at home or on a computer or changing your driving route. Don’t be afraid to speak up and tell people how you feel, people will understand.

6. Sleep/ Resting:

All you want to do is sleep during your first trimester and its understandable your body is working double time. But with everyone’s busy schedule sometimes that’s the last thing on your mind. It’s important that you listen to your body and slow down. The simple act of resting or sleeping when your body is tired can make your sickness disappear. Try taking a nap during the day. This may be easier said then done but sometimes a quick 15 nap during lunch can do the trick. Make sure to eat a couple of dry snack before getting up from your nap. Getting up too fast or not having something in your stomach when getting up can cause major nausea.

Why Pregnant Women Should Sleep On Left Side_2

7. Things to Avoid:

The simplest things can trigger nausea when your pregnant. Here are a couple of things you should try to avoid.

  •  Wearing tight fitted clothes
  • Eating spicy foods
  • Getting up too quickly
  • Drinking coffee
  • Over eating
  • Drinking while eating

8. Exercise:

The last thing you want to do right now is work out but studies have shown that working out while pregnant can help with morning sickness. I’m not saying you should start P90X! Start off by walking everyday or go to a yoga or Pilates class. Make sure you consult with your doctor before starting any workout regimen. There are even several work out videos for pregnant women that you can check out. This will not only help with morning sickness but staying in shape while pregnant will help you bounce back to your pre- baby body.


9. Over the Counter Products:

If all else fails you can always try some over the counter products.

 Sea-Band Mama Wristband Accupressure:  They are wristbands that use acupressure pulse points to fight nausea

Three Lollies Preggie Pop Drops Assorted for Morning Sickness Relief: Lolly Pops that help you ease morning sickness.


What works for some mommies might not work for others so try different things until you can find what works for you.  Even if you do everything that your suppose to relieve morning sickness and you still feel like crap remember its only temporary. The pain of giving birth is so much worse you wont even remember about the morning sickness after that.



Make sure you consult with your doctor before trying anything new. Make sure to keep your doctor updated on your morning sickness.

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