Here Comes the Airplane

 As a first time mom I am determined not to miss any of my baby girls first moments!  Just because I am a full-time working mom doesn’t mean I have to miss out on all of my babies first accomplishments. I have come up with the perfect solution for all working moms out there. If your baby crawls, walks, or even talks for the first time and you’re not there to see it guess what, it doesn’t count,  it never happened. I’m the mom which means I get to make up all the rules. So in celebration of my new rule I would like to share this weeks accomplishment.  This week my little one ate her oatmeal with a spoon for the first time.

 Up til now she has been having her oatmeal in her bottle but now that she is the BIG 5 months she gets to eat her oatmeal with a spoon.  At first she was very curios wondering what exactly we were doing with the spoon.

Snow Eating


As soon as she got the spoon close to her mouth she got sooooo excited.


Snow Eating 3


But apparently she didnt like what was on the spoon. Every time we would feed her she would open up wide and just let the oatmeal drip from her mouth.

Snow Eating 2


That didn’t mean we were going to give up so we kept on trying until finally she slowly started eating her oatmeal and loving it.  Of course she didn’t eat her whole serving but it was a great start!


Snow Eating 4


I cant wait to whip out her baby bullet and start making her baby food.


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