Top 10 Most Unique & Fun Gender Reveals

Is it a boy or a girl?!? As soon as you announce your pregnancy that’s the first thing on people’s minds.  With all the excitement to learn a baby’s gender it’s becoming more and more common for parents to through a gender reveal party. Here are some unique and fun ideas to try out for your next gender reveal party or even your next pregnancy photo shoot.

1. Pull String Pinata:

Hands down this is my favorite photo shoot idea for a gender reveal. There are so many different pinatas out there or you can even make your own. Just get a pinata fill it with pink or blue cut up papers and pull the string!  Want to add some excitement? Tell the doctor to write the sex of the baby on a piece of paper, give the paper to a relative or a close friend and have them stuff the pinata, that way it will be as  much as a surprise to you as it is for everyone else.


2.  Pink or Blue Scratchy Lotto Tickets:

Everyone loves getting scratchy lottery tickets but who knew they made some to reveal a baby’s gender!


3. Gender Revealing Candles:

These candles are pretty cool. When you light up the candle the wax will start to melt and change colors turning either blue or pink. This would be a great idea to send out to friends and family that don’t live close by.

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4. Deserts:

This has to be the most delicious of all the ideas. There are so many ways that you can do a gender reveal using yummy deserts. Stuff your favorite dessert with pink or blue filling.  Or make the inside of a cake pink or blue using food coloring watch as everyone looks in amazement while you cute the first slice



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5. Gender Reveal Fuzz:

All you do is throw this heart shape fuzz ball into some water and watch as the water fizzes and turns pink for girl or blue for boy.



6. Bubble Gum:

What better way to tell everyone the gender of your baby then by slapping the crap out of your partner! I mean by gently popping your partners bubble gum reveal your baby’s gender.



7. The Black Ballon:

I don’t know if it is my fear of popping balloons that makes me not like this idea but it’s definitely a unique idea. The fun thing with using a black balloon is you can pop it in many different ways. Like a with a cross-bow if your into that kind of thing.

. 30-brilliant-gender-reveal-ideas-3

8. Bow or Bow Tie on Sonogram:

With baby showers and preparing the house sometimes there is no time to have a party. Adding a bow or bow tie to your sonogram makes a great picture to send out to friends and family and with Facebook, twitter and Instagram you can save on the postage.



9. Hand Paint:

Siblings are just as excited to know the gender of the baby as parents are. What better way to get them involved then throwing some paint on their tiny little hands and putting it on mommies belly. The shirt will make an excellent addition to your baby keep sake box.



10. Confetti Poppers:

There inst any funnier way to reveal the gender of your baby then with confetti poppers. Make sure to have a camera handy when everyone at your party pops them at the same time. It will make a great picture to save for your babies album.



All these ideas can either be store-bought or by made at home even the scratchy lotto tickets!! Which ever way you decide to reveal the gender to your friends and family make sure to make it grand and  take lots of pictures.


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