Top 10 Newborn Must Haves

Top 10 Newborn Must Haves


As soon as you find out you’re pregnant most moms start buying cute baby clothing right away or  start  decorating the baby room. Not me,  nope the moment I found I was pregnant I went into full-blown panic mode. Oh yeah you should have seen me, I was in a total panic because now that I was pregnant I only  had a few months  to research everything there was to know about babies. How could I be so unprepared! Why did I wait until I was already pregnant to start researching babies? (I want to say the hormones made me think this crazy but to be honest I think I’m just that crazy) So with time ticking I started researching all the baby items that I could find. By the time my little snow ball was born I thought I knew exactly what  baby items that would be super important to have. HAHAHA oh how I was wrong. Some items that I thought I would need I never even used.

Every child is different so what works great for one newborn might not work for another. Having said that there isn’t that much that you actually need once your baby is born. All they do is sleep, eat, and poop so as long as you have a bed for them, a diaper to put on them and a boobie or a bottle they will be happy as a clam.Who made that up anyways?  Happy as a clam I have never seen happy clams! That saying doesn’t even make sense! What other seafood is happy or sad or excited. Anyways I think I’m getting off topic. Back to babies.  Here is my list of my top ten items that I used almost daily as soon as my baby was born.

 Top 10 Newborn Must Haves:

10. White Noise Lamb-  Warning.. warning… Not only will this white noise lamb put your baby to sleep right away but it might knock out as well.  This was one of the items that I wanted but I didn’t think I actually would use. Was I wrong! I use this every single night. You can choose from rain, whale, ocean waves, or a heart beat sounds. As soon as she hears that rain you can start to see her eye lids get heavier and heavier. The great part of this lamb that is comes with straps so you can put it in their crib without worrying that it might fall over them.


9. Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer– If your thinking about buying a swing but think it’s too expensive the bouncer is the next best thing. It has a variety of different sounds and vibrating settings. Personally my little one didn’t like the vibrating but she loved being on her bouncer and hearing the different sounds. Its super light weight which is great if you need to take it to different rooms in the house.


8. Boppy Pillow My only regret that I have regarding the Boppy Pillow is that I didn’t take it to the hospital. It makes breastfeeding so much more comfortable and easier to adjust. I struggled getting comfortable while she feed when I didn’t have it with me. You can use the Boppy for your baby at different stages of your babies developments. As newborn its great for feeds, then you can use it to prop your baby up, then its perfect for tummy time.
Boppy2 Boppy


7. Carter’s Receiving Blanket  – Receiving blankets should be a staple in any home with a child. There are literally hundreds of ways you can use a receiving blanket then just as a blanket. What amazes me is the high prices of swaddling blankets when you can just use a regular receiving blanket just the same. There are literally hundreds of different receiving blankets that can fit any style or budget.

6. Baby Newborn GownsWhen I first came across baby sleeping gowns I didn’t really care for them I thought they looked too dated. Why would I put a baby in an old lady baby gown when there were so many cute pajamas out there. Because baby gowns are the best that’s why! They are perfect for the winter when you don’t want to uncover your babies chest  but need to change their diaper. Yet they don’t rid up like most two piece pajamas. They are super light weight but keep heat in making them perfect for both summer and winter.


5. Ubbi Diaper Pail   There is no mistaking the Ubbi Diaper Pail this one of a kind diaper pail actually does what it’s suppose to. It keeps odors lock in. Shocker I know a product that does what its supposed to. My favorite feature that the Ubbi diaper pail has  is that you can use whatever trash bag you want to line the pail. Most diaper pails require you to use their special bags but with the Ubbi you don’t have to pay extra you can use any bags you already have at home. They also offer a cloth bag that is machine washable.

4.Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier or Wabba Nub- A pacy or no pacy this an actually a very debatable topic in most mommy circles. You can argue both sides on why you should or shouldn’t give your baby a pacifier. For me the pacifier was a life saver. My little one constantly wanted to be sucking on something even if she wasn’t hungry anymore which made it very painful for my boobs.  The Soothie pacifier works great and are the ones that are given at the hospital. We later discover the Wabba Nub which is great for when they get a little older. It’s basically a soothie that’s connect to a small flush toy. Instead of just throw out her pacifier on the floor when she didn’t want it she just spits it on and holds on to her little stuffed animal. This becomes a life saver when your out with them and don’t have anywhere to wash a dirty pacy.

3. Sleep/Eat/ Poop baby App or book tracker– Some people have their whole lives on their phones while others are more pen to paper kinda of people. Regardless of which is your preference you will need to track all of your babies activities. Every time your little one poops, pees , eats, sleeps it all has to be tracked to make sure your baby is healthy. Your doctor will be asking you all this information when you go for your little ones check ups. There are tons of free apps to choose from in your app store on your phone. Not a phone person? They sell baby trackers binders as well.

2. The Happiest Baby on the Block– A must read for any new mom. The best baby book out their hands down. You learn all about the 4th trimester and all about the dues and dont’s when dealing with a colicky baby. He debunks the top 5 theories of colic babies and explains the real reason for your little one to be crying out so much.

1. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Next time I get knocked up I will make sure I have plenty of Gripe Water in stock.  When we had to switch our little one to formula and she started having tummy problems I didn’t think there was much I could do for her. We would different massages and stretches but nothing worked. She would get red, her tummy would get hard and her little legs would stretch out and we would cry out in pain. Since she was a newborn I didn’t think I could give her anything until I discovered gripe water. After giving her grip water she would instantly calm down and her tummy would slowly start to soften up. Gripe water is my #1 must have!



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