Treat a Babies First Cold


It all starts with a tickle in your throat or a couple of sneezes here and there. From there its only a matter of time before it finally hits you. THE COMMON COLD. Luckily as soon as we start feeling the signs we can just go to a drug store and load up on everything from cough syrups to sinus tablets. Unfortunately if you have a little one under the age of two with a cold there isn’t a cold medicine that is safe for them to take. Luckily they’re things you can do for your little ones that will help them fight that nasty cold.

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Olive got a cold a couple weeks back and due to her age we couldn’t really give her much. I searched and read  every label in the children section at Walgreens but everything said not safe for children under two years old. Thankfully we got so many great tips from family, friends and the doctor that really helped her out. Here are a couple of things you can do or give to your little ones to help them when they are suffering from the common cold.

This is the closes to going outside that she could do while she was sick. She loves watching the trees and the birds.

This is the closes to going outside that she could do while she was sick. She loves watching the trees and the birds.

Vicks Baby Rub: Growing up I remember if  my mom ever thought I was coming down with a cold the first thing she would do was grab the Vicks. She would go a little nuts and almost use an entire container on just my chest. Now as a mom I understand she just didn’t like to see me sick but you don’t have to use so much. Simply rub the baby Vicks on your babies chest, back and feet, that’s right I said feet. Rub the Vicks on their feet and put a pair of warm socks  on them so that the Vicks can be absorbed through their pores. Make sure you use baby rub and not Vaporub, this is important since Vaporub can be very harmful to kids. Also a very popular  but unsafe area to put baby rub is under the nose this can cause respiratory problems for kids under two.



Soothing Mist Humidifier: Before Olive got a cold I really never understood the use for humidifier but now that I do, I think it should be a must have on every expecting mothers baby registry. A humidifier is a device that keeps cool moister in the air. Having moister in the air will help keep your babies nasal passages lubricated which will help your baby breath better when congested. Bonus it will also keep snoring husbands quiet for the night.


Little Remedies For Noses: The reason babies has trouble breathing when they have a cold is because their noses are filled with boogies. Since they are just babies they don’t know how to get rid of them. At first we would use the bulb syringe on our little one all the time but we could barely get any mucus out.  The doctor informed us that we were using the bulb to many times. We should only use it 3 times a day right after first putting two saline drops in each of your little ones nostril. The saline drops help loosen the mucus before we try to extract it.


Bulb Syringe: So this one is a no brainier since I was just talking so much about it with the saline drops. I just want to make a quick note that the best bulb syringe is the one they give you at the hospital. All other bulb syringe suck. And that’s all I have to say about that.

Boogie Wipes:  If you have a little one that just wont let you put the saline drops then Boogie Wipes are your next best thing. They are wipes that have saline in them. The great thing about these wipes is that they are super soft and wont irradiated your baby’s nose.




 Infants Tylenl: This should be a staple in any home with a baby. Its one of those things you hope you don’t need but will be thankful you have when you need it.  When your baby has a cold it is important to check their temperature regularly. If your baby is between 3-6 months and has a temperature of 101 or higher call the doctor. If you baby is over 6 months call the doctor if it reaches 103.0  Make sure to give the Tylenol only as directed by your doctor.



Pedialyte: It is very important that you keep your baby hydrated especially while they are sick. If your baby starts refusing to drink their milk and you’re not exclusively breast-feeding it is recommended to offer your baby a few ounces of pedialyte. This will insure that your baby remains hydrated even if they only drink a few ounces.





Steam Showers: Steam showers help your little ones air passages open up making it a lot easier for them to breathe. You first make sure to close all the windows and doors in the bathroom. Then you run a very hot shower and you let the bathroom get nice and steamy. Once the bathroom is steamy you can turn the shower off and bring your baby into the bathroom allowing her to breathe in the steam.  After 10 mins you can take the baby out but I recommend covering them with a blanket before leaving the restroom. Its going to feel cold the moment you step out of the restroom since you were in the steam room.

Elevate head while they sleep: When your baby is asleep with a cold you can hear the trouble they have breathing. To minimize the stuffiness in their nose elevate their  mattress using a crib wedge or blanket by placing it underneath the mattress. It is very dangerous to place an object on top of her crib to elevate their head because this can be a suffocation hazard.  When their heads are slightly elevated this will cause their mucus to drip down instead of collecting in one spot.

Before giving your child anything new consult with their doctor. If symptoms continue take them to their doctor to rule out any other possibilities.



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